Coach Carlos Blanco

Head Tennis Coach

Phone: 940-369-2068
Cell: 940-367-6054 (Urgent/Emergency Calls Only)


Head Tennis Coach

Education / Experience:

Northwest State University – BA & M.Ed.


I have been at DHS for 12 years and has been in the educational field for 15 years.

Accomplishments, Personal Information, Hobbies, Family info etc.:

I have played as the number one junior player for the country of Bolivia and participated in many South American Tennis championships. I was an alternate player for the Bolivian Davis Cup team and was awarded full scholarships to complete my education.
I live in Denton with my wife. I have two sons and a grandson.
As a hobby, I love to play tennis and pull weeds in the yard.

Adapted from the Denton Record-Chronicle (TX)Tennis takes Blanco from Bolivia to Broncos Sport molds poor ball boy into successful H.S. coach

Carlos Blanco has been overcoming disadvantages all his life. The Denton tennis coach grew up impoverished in Bolivia. As a child, Blanco taught himself to play tennis by spending countless hours hitting a ball against a wall at the country club he worked at as a ball boy.
“In Bolivia, you don’t play tennis if you’re a poor kid like me,” Blanco said. “Tennis was only for the elite people.”
Blanco did not let his economic status deter him from experimenting with the sport. Too poor to afford tennis lessons himself, Blanco used to spy on the local tennis pro when he was working with clients. Blanco would then go perform the same drills by himself.
“Whenever I had a chance, I’d sneak over to that wall and practice, practice, practice,” Blanco said.
The tennis pro eventually discovered Blanco’s ploy and challenged the young boy to demonstrate his skills. The tennis pro was so impressed with Blanco, he arranged to give the boy full access to the club’s facilities in exchange for playing on the club’s tennis team in tournaments.
From there, Blanco’s tennis career flourished. He developed into Bolivia’s No.1-ranked juniors player and No. 3 men’s player. Blanco even served as a substitute on the country’s Davis Cup team in the late 1960s.
Tennis eventually brought Blanco to the United States where he earned a full tennis scholarship to Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, La. He helped the team win the conference championship his senior year.
While Blanco considers winning important, there are other things he hopes to teach his players.
“I really enjoy doing this,” Blanco said. ” I enjoy the kids. Sometimes I think I know everything and then a kid comes along and does something that leaves me scratching my head. This job is challenging and entertaining. It keeps me young.”
Mike McClendon Staff Writer Denton Record-Chronicle/Al Key
Published: September 30, 2004
Copyright (c), 2004, Denton Record-Chronicle