Bronco Netters Claim 3rd Place in District 5-5A

Azle WinThe Denton High School Tennis Team wrapped up the District 5-5A Team Tennis season on Tuesday with a 15-4 win over Azle.  As a result of the win the Broncos finished 3rd in the district behind perennial tennis powers Wichita Falls Rider and Wichita Falls High. They will play the either Boswell or Birdville in the area round of the U.I.L. Team Tennis Playoffs. Birdville and Boswell will play on Friday to determine the 2nd place in District 6-5A.

In the match with Azle the Broncos dominated both singles and doubles. The Bronco Girls winning all seven of their singles matches and two of the three doubles matches. The Bronco boys won 6 of 7 singles matches and 2 out of the three doubles matches. The Broncos were once again led by Boys #1 Singles Player Will Crouch who defeated Azle’s #1 Player Peyton Smith 6-2, 6-1. Crouch also combined with doubles partner Erwin Parivish for an 8-1 win in doubles. #1 Girls Singles Player Estefani Escamilla won her match 6-1, 6-0 and combined with Beatriz Galvez for an 8-5 win in doubles.

This is the first time in many years for the Bronco Tennis Team to advance to the U.I.L. Team Tennis Tournament. The match on Tuesday against Boswell/Birdville winner will be Tuesday October 21st will be at 4:00pm at either Boswell or Birdville High School.

Broncos Down Brewer to Make State Playoffs

The Denton Bronco Tennis Team defeated Fort Worth Brewer Tuesday night (10/6/14) 13-6 and has now qualified for the U.I.L. Team Tennis Playoffs later this month.  The Broncos were led by a strong performance from the DHS girls who won 8 of the 9 girls doubles and singles matches.  The Bronco boys were 5-4 in their 9 matches.


DHS Tennis downs Brewer

William Crouch and Estefani Escamilla, the top boys and girls singles players each won their matches against the number one players for Brewer.  Crouch defeated Nash Hill 1-6, 7-6 (10-8) and 10-4, while Escamilla defeated Kristen Suppes 7-5, 3-6, 11-9.

The Broncos close out the district season on Tuesday October 13th versus Azle.   Playoff matches will begin the week of October 21st.




New Tennis District for Broncos

The move of classifications from 4A to 5A for the Broncos was simply because the U.I.L. create a new 6A division.  However with the move also came district realignment.  Gone from the Denton High School district are Guyer, Nelson and Lake Dallas, however unlike the other sports at DHS there are no new schools in the tennis district.  The result is that there are only 5 schools in the tennis district this season, Denton, Azle, Brewer, Rider and Wichita Falls High.  The new season starts for the Bronco Netters on August 20th. District 5-5A play begins September 16th versus Rider.

Draws Set for District Tennis Tournament

Boys Doubles - Denton 1 Ciulla/Salazar vs Azle 1 Seibert/Seibert                           Denton 2 Lyke/Rameriz vs Brewer1 Gandy/Houk

Boys Doubles – Denton 1 Ciulla/Salazar vs Azle 1 Seibert/Seibert
Denton 2 Lyke/Rameriz vs Brewer1 Gandy/Houk

Mixed Doubles Root/Kim (Denton 1) vs Shotwell/Mena (Azle 2)                           Morrison/Fu (Denton 2) vs Reddy/Norris (WF High 1)

Mixed Doubles Root/Kim (Denton 1) vs Shotwell/Mena (Azle 2)
Morrison/Fu (Denton 2) vs Reddy/Norris (WF High 1)

Girls Doubles Nguyen/Han (Denton1) vs Lasseter/Agulto (Rider 1)                         Escamilla/Galvez (Denton 2) vs Garcia/Harris (Rider 2)

Girls Doubles Nguyen/Han (Denton1) vs Lasseter/Agulto (Rider 1)
Escamilla/Galvez (Denton 2) vs Garcia/Harris (Rider 2)

Mixed Doubles Root/Kim (Denton 1) vs Shotwell/Mena (Azle 2)                           Morrison/Fu (Denton 2) vs Reddy/Norris (WF High 1)

Mixed Doubles Root/Kim (Denton 1) vs Shotwell/Mena (Azle 2)
Morrison/Fu (Denton 2) vs Reddy/Norris (WF High 1)

Boys Singles Will Crouch (Denton 1) vs Alex Smith (Rider 2)                       Logan Maltz (Denton 2) vs Daniel Clark (Azle 2)

Boys Singles Will Crouch (Denton 1) vs Alex Smith (Rider 2)
Logan Maltz (Denton 2) vs Daniel Clark (Azle 2)

The District 5-4A Tennis Tournament will be held April 3rd and 4th at TCU in Fort Worth.  Attached are the draw sheets for the tournament.  First and Second place finishers at the district tournament will advance to the regional tennis tournament in mid April.

Broncos Tennis Dominates Azel 18 to 1

The Denton Bronco Tennis team ran its district record to 3-2 with a dominating 18-1 win over the Azle Hornets on Tuesday September 24.  The Broncos are one win away from qualifying for the state high school playoffs in team tennis.

Denton High School         vs.          Azel H.S.

Coach:  C. Blanco & B. Redding       Coach:  Helm 

Played at             DHS tennis courts               Date          Sept. 24, 2013                                   Varsity Team

Boys Doubles                                                                                                                                       Winner  Score

1.  W. Crouch and A. Karlsson            vs.         P. Smith / A. Strickland                                           D           8-1

2.  E. Salazar and E. Parivash                vs.         K. McEwen / D. Clark                                              D           8-2

3. L. Maltz and I. Ramirez                      vs.         T. Johnson / E. Seibert                                            D           8-4


Girls Doubles:                                                                                                                                     Winner  Score

1.  B. Galvez and E. Escamilla               vs.         M. Morelock / D. Donty                                         D           8-2

2.  S. Prybutok and L. Rashed              vs.         L. Dewvall / E. Mena                                               D           8-6

3.  S. Kim and        E. Hu                        vs.         A. Lamaster / H. Rezabek                                        D           8-6


Mixed Doubles:

A. Ciulla and L. Rashed                       vs          K. Wright / J. Williams                                            D           8-0


Boys Singles:                                                                                                                                       Winner  Score

1.  Will Crouch                                        vs.         Austin Strickland                                                     D         6-1, 6-0

2.  Edali Salazar                                       vs.         Peyton Smith                                                            D       3-6, 6-1 (10-7)

3.  Andrew Ciulla                                    vs.         Jason Shotwell                                                         D       6-0, 6-0

4.  Alex Karlsson                                    vs.         Kaleb McEwen                                                         D       6-1, 6-1

5.  Erwin Parivash                                 vs.         Daniel Clark                                                            D       2-6, 6-4 (14-12)

6.  Logan Maltz                                      vs.         Travis Johnson                                                        D       6-4, 6-0


Girls Singles:                                                                                                                                      Winner  Score

1.  Rebecca Fu                                        vs.         Alex Lamaster                                                           D        6-0, 6-3

2.  Estefani Escamilla                          vs.         Taylor Cubbage                                                            D        6-0, 6-0

3.  Beatriz Galvez                                  vs.         Mackenzie Morelock                                                    D        6-4, 6-4

4.  Sara Prybutok                                  vs.         Desiree Donty                                                          A        7-5, 3-6 (13-15)

5.  Luma Rashed                                    vs.         Hannah Rezabek                                                      D        6-3, 3-6 (10-6)

6.  Emily Hu                                             vs.         Loran Dewvall                                                          D        6-1, 6-3

WINNER Denton HS         FINAL SCORE         18-1  

Broncos Rout Lake Dallas

The DHS Bronco Tennis Team evened it’s district record at 2-2 on Monday September 23rd.  The Broncos defeated the Lake Dallas Falcons 17-2.  The Broncos swept all of the singles matches, girls doubles and mixed doubles in posting the win.


Denton High School         vs.          Lake Dallas H.S.

Coach:  C. Blanco & B. Redding                                                                     Coach:  Gwinn


Played at      DHS tennis courts                     Date      Sept. 23, 2013                                Varsity Team


Boys Doubles                                                                                                                         Winner            Score

1.  E. Salazar and T. Ide                         vs.                  Hernando / Weber                                    LD              __6-8__

2.  W. Crouch and A. Karlsson              vs.                  Wiser / Gajewstoi                                     D                 __8-2_

3. E. Parivash and L. Maltz                     vs.                  Fraser / Meier                                          LD         __8-9 (6-8)_


Girls Doubles:                                                                                                                        Winner            Score

1.  B. Galvez and E. Escamilla     vs.                  Hernando / Deleon                                   D                  _8-3__

2.  R. Fu and S. Prybutok                       vs.                  Snider / Head                                           D                 __8-2__

3.  S. Kim and  Karen Nguyen                vs.                  Holmes / Robinson                                   D                   _8-2_


Mixed Doubles:

A. Ciulla and L. Rashed                          vs                                                                                    D                __Def.__


Boys Singles:                                                                                                                         Winner            Score

1.  Will Crouch                           vs.                  N. Hernando                                             D           __6-2, 6-3__

2.  Edali Salazar                                      vs.                  A. Meier                                                    D             __8-1_

3.  Truet Ide                                           vs.                  S. Weber                                                   D              __6-4, 6-2__

4.  Andrew Ciulla                                   vs.                  A. Wiser                                                    D              __6-3, 6-0_

5.  Alex Karlsson                                   vs.                  E. Gajewstoi                                               D              __6-4, 6-2__

6.  Erwin Parivash                                  vs.                  T. Fraser                                                    D                  _8-5_



Girls Singles:                                                                                                                          Winner            Score

1.  Estefani Escamilla                              vs.                  E. Hernando                                               D           __6-2, 6-3__

2.  Rebecca Fu                                       vs.                  A. Deleon                                                   D           __6-0, 6-0__

3.  Beatriz Galvez                                   vs.                  C. Fraire                                                    D    6-7(8-6), 6-1, (10-5)

4.  Sara Prybutok                                   vs.                  C. Snider                                                    D              _6-3, 6-4__

5.  Luma Rashed                                    vs.                  A. Head                                                     D             __6-0, 6-1__

6.  Stephanie Kim                                   vs.                  L. Robinson                                                D                __def.__


WINNER    Denton H. S.      FINAL SCORE___17-2__

Broncos Defeat Brewer

The Denton Broncos defeated Fort Worth Brewer 10-9 in District action on Tuesday September 17. The match came down to a girls singles match between DHS’s Emily Hu and Brewer’s Emily Bradfute. Hu won her match and in turn gave the Broncos the team victory.

Denton High School vs. Brewer H.S.

Coach: C. Blanco & B. Redding Coach: Foster


Played at: Denton HS tennis courts Date: Sept. 17, 2013 Varsity Team


Boys Doubles Winner Score

1. E. Salazar and A. Ciulla vs. Hill / Houk B ____3-8______

2. W. Crouch and A. Karlsson vs. Gabbert / Crawford B ____5-8______

3. B. Lyke and W. Root vs. Gandy / De La Rosa B ____2-8_______


Girls Doubles: Winner Score

1. B. Galvez and E. Escamilla vs. Merchant / Ross D ____8-6_____

2. E. Hu and L. Rashed vs. Starr / Bradfute D ____8-5_____

3. H. Han and S. Prybutok vs. Dodson / Calhoun D ___8-5_____


Mixed Doubles:

E. Parivash and R. Fu vs Juenger / Houk B ___0-8____


Boys Singles: Winner Score

1. Edali Salazar vs. Nash Hill B _1-6, 3-6___

2. Will Crouch vs. Brandon Gandy B 1-6, 7-6(7), (5-10)

3. Andrew Ciulla vs. Rollin Houk D _6-1, 3-6, (10-8)_

4. Alex Karlsson vs. Carson Gabbert D ___6-0, 6-2___

5. Erwin Parivash vs. Ross Houk D _6-4, 4-6 (10-6)_

6. William Root vs. Valentin De La Rosa B __4-6, 4-6___


Girls Singles: Winner Score

1. Estefani Escamilla vs. Jessica Juenger D __6-0, 6-3___

2. Beatriz Galvez vs. Katheryn Merchant B __5-7, 3-6___

3. Rebecca Fu vs. Becca Ross D __6-2, 6-0__

4. Luma Rashed vs. Tammy Staar B _2-6, 6-4 (8-10)_

5. Sara Prybutok vs. Taylor Early D _6-0, def._

6. Emily Hu vs. Emily Bradfute D _6-0, 7-6 (8-6)__



Bronco Netters to Start Season Friday August 23rd

The 2013-14 Denton High School Tennis Team will open its Fall season on Friday August 23rd. The Broncos will host Frisco Wakeland at the DHS Courts. The Bronco return 11 letter winners off of last years boys and girls team.

Denton’s Alex Clerihew reaches UIL Regional Finals

Alex Clerihew during the 1st Round of the Regional UIL Tennis Tournament in Abilene.

Alex Clerihew during the 1st Round of the Regional UIL Tennis Tournament in Abilene.

Denton High School Senior Alex Clerihew today reached the finals of the Class 4A Region I Tennis Tournament in Abilene. Clerihew was the District runner-up in boys singles held last month at TCU. He advanced to the Regional Tournament on the strength of that performance. In his first round match, Clerihew defeated Jeff Crespo from North Richland Hills 6-1, 6-1 . In the second round he came from behind to knock out the 2nd seed, Robert Woody from Lubbock High School 6-7(4-7), 6-4, 6-2 to reach the semi-finals. Clerihew defeated the #3 seed Ben Gutierrez from Dumas in the semi-finals 6-2, 6-3 for a chance to play for the regional championship on Tuesday.

The top two players from the regional tournament will advance to play in the state championship tournament in Austin April 29 and 30.




District 5-4A Tournament Results

Denton High School Senior Alex Clerihew has advanced to the Regional Tennis Tournament for the second consecutive year. Clerihew was the district runner up in the District 5-4A Tournament played in Fort Worth March 27 and 28. Clerihew will play in the Regional Tournament in Abilene April 15 & 16. (Click here to view complete results from the District 5-4A Tennis Tournament).

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