Elections for 2014-2015 Booster Club Officers

During the Tennis Banquet, elections will be held for the following officers for 2014-2015:

  • President
  • Vice-President – Administration
  • Vice-President – Corporate Development
  • Treasurer
  • Recording Secretary

Tim Crouch has indicated that he will run for President and Miriam Green has indicated that she will run for Vice President-Administration. Both Crouch and Green hold those positions on the Booster Board this year (2013-2014).

There needs to be nominations (candidates) for a Vice-President – Corporate Development, a Treasurer, and a Recording Secretary. If you are interested in these three positions, or in running for the other two positions where nominees are already present, please email  before April 30, 2014. Email us if you have questions about the positions or if you are offering to run for those positions. You may also ask questions of the other two members of the nominating committee: Madeline (Qiang) Fu and Allison Han.

2013-14 Booster Club Officers

The new officers for the Denton High School Tennis Team Booster Club were elected at the annual tennis banquet in May.    The 2013-14 officers are:

President – Tim Crouch

1st Vice-President – Miriam Green

2nd Vice-President – Madeleine Fu

Treasurer – Steve Ciulla

Girls At-Large Representative – Allison Han

Boys At-Large Representative – Andrea Ciulla

Coaches Carlos Blanco and Brian Redding are ex-officio officers.  Two at-large officers will be added to the board in August.

Special thanks to retiring president Susan Seaborn and retiring treasurer Lisa Hansen for their leadership of the board in 2012-13.  The past year for the Bronco tennis boosters reached significant milestones including raising money for new benches at the DHS Tennis Courts.




Bill Utter Ford Fundraiser Rescheduled for October 6

The Drive 4UR School Fundraiser at Bill Utter Ford on Saturday September 29th was cancelled due to rain and has been rescheduled for October 6th from 9am to 5pm at Bill Utter Ford.  The Drive 4UR School fundraiser asks parents, friends and neighbors to test drive a new Ford and do a simple evaluation of  the vehicle.  In exchange each test drive raises $20.00 for DHS Tennis, Softball and Ag.  Make plans to participate on Saturday October 6th and help raise up to $2,000 for DHS Tennis.

DHS Tennis Booster Club Announces 2012-13 Officers

The Denton High School Tennis Booster Club has announced its officers for the 2012-13 school year.  The new president of the club is Susan Seaborn, vice-president Kala Marsh, treasurer Lisa Hansen and reporting secretary Tim Crouch.

The booster club is a volunteer organization dedicated to providing support to the Denton High School Tennis Team and the team’s coaches.  The booster club will be conducting several fundraisers during the school year.  Proceeds will go toward improvements at the DHS Tennis Courts and for an end of year banquet honoring the players.

For more information on joining the DHS Tennis Booster Club contact Tim Crouch at 940-383-1990 or by email tim@thecrouchgroup.com.