Junior Varsity Girls Ladder – September 17, 2017

  1. Leanna Wells
  2. Angie Sanchez
  3. Justice Turner
  4. Aditi Acharya
  5. Madison Erwin*
  6. Tejaswi Thapa
  7. Maddie Ray
  8. Shambhavi Khanal
  9. Jaqueline Puga
  10. McKenna Palacios
  11. Adriana Canon Bravo*
  12. Carrington Chachere-Ross
  13. Kimberly Gomez
  14. Mykela Sines*
  15. Nia Quevedo*

Junior Varsity Boys Ladder – September 17, 2017

  1. Hudson Shuck
  2. Anthony Kim
  3. Nabil Baugher
  4. John Ahn
  5. Matthew Ko
  6. Jack Alagood
  7. Sam Johnston
  8. Kolt Bundy
  9. Armando De La Rosa
  10. Emanuel Prado
  11. Adrian Cortes
  12. Wes Butler
  13. Miguel Olguin
  14. Triston Ralphs
  15. David Yussuf
  16. Thomas Gumienny
  17. Kea’ven Russell
  18. Hunter Wilcox
  19. Kilian Kern
  20. Benjamin (Digby) Raab
  21. Vincent Steele
  22. Parker Shuck
  23. Dawson Lucas
  24. John Shi
  25. Brian Chan
  26. Josue Espinosa*
  27. Keith Hallman*
  28. Gabe Gonzales*

Girls Varsity Tennis Ladder – September 17, 2017

  1. Jocelyn Guzman
  2. Zoe Hutton
  3. Madi Gunn
  4. Gaby Doan
  5. Eva Perez
  6. Annie Mayfield
  7. Sarah Whitworth
  8. Carrie Shi

Boys Varsity Tennis Ladder September 17, 2017

  1. Noah Villarreal
  2. Bedford Richardson
  3. Kesavan Srivilliputhur
  4. Andrew Kim
  5. Isaac Boodt
  6. Collin Renfro
  7. Sam Taliaferro
  8. Kyler Bullard

RECAP/UPDATES from week of 9-1-17:

We had a week of amazing week of tennis. Both the Varsity and JV teams dominated the Ryan HS team in their first district match this season. The Varsity team’s score was an outstanding 17-2 win and JV had an impressive with a 23-7 win. Noah Villarreal played incredibly strong and fought through for an exciting win! The Varsity team also played Birdville HS Friday evening <x-apple-data-detectors://3> and although DHS lost, it was only by 2 points! We were tied up at 10-10 <x-apple-data-detectors://4> and the last two matches went to a 3rd set tie break! All very exciting and we witnessed some amazing tennis against Birdville. Madi Gunn was player of the evening with some very impressive cross-court wins!

Kick-Off Meeting Success

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

To all parents, players and extended family who attended the DHS Bronco Tennis kick-off meeting on Monday, August 7th. We had a wonderful evening full of fun, food, prizes and most importantly season information! A very special Thank You to Wilson who donated the amazing $400 gift package that contained a new racquet, bag, strings, overgrip and other accessories.

We want to also thank Dickie’s BBQ for the amazing food and Raising Cane’s for the refreshing beverage donation! Thanks also to the parents/family members who brought side dishes and deserts.

The fall season will kick-off this year before school even officially begins! I cannot believe summer is over and another year is starting. Good luck to all of our players on and off the court and we hope that everyone has a very successful year – from the Freshman students making the transition into high school smoothly to the Seniors who are thinking about completing their HS careers on a positive note while looking forward to beginning their next chapter in life.

Please come out and support the Varsity team Tuesday, August 15th at the DHS courts. We will play LD Bell – a very tough team that will provide great competition on the courts. This should be a great match to watch!

The winners from the Booster Club raffle drawings were:

Adrian Cores, Eva Perez & Madeline Ray – $20 gift bag with cooling towel, dampeners, over grip and other accessories.
Sam Johnston and Rogolio Espinoza – $30 tennis trainer.
Brian Chan, Collin Renfro, Isaac Boodt and Tejaswi Thapa – $50 gift pack with small beverage cooler, cooling towel and insulated beverage container.
Hunter Wilcox – $50 Wilson tennis bag.
Kyler Bullard – $150 Wilson tennis racquet.
Angie Sanchez – $400 gift package – Wilson Tennis Racquet, Wilson Tennis bag, strings and overgrip.

Don’t forget to check the website often for updates and also like and follow our Facebook page (DHS Bronco Tennis) and our Instagram page (DHS Bronco Tennis).

Here’s to a great Fall and Spring 2017-2018 Season!

Kathy Sepmoree
DHS Bronco Tennis Booster President

2017 Banquet Photos

  • DHSTennis2017-6532
  • DHSTennis2017-6548
  • DHSTennis2017-6549
  • DHSTennis2017-6558
  • DHSTennis2017-6621
  • DHSTennis2017-6622
  • DHSTennis2017-6626
  • DHSTennis2017-6628
  • DHSTennis2017-6632
  • DHSTennis2017-6634
  • DHSTennis2017-6635
  • DHSTennis2017-6636
  • DHSTennis2017-6637
  • DHSTennis2017-6640
  • DHSTennis2017-6641
  • DHSTennis2017-6643
  • DHSTennis2017-6644
  • DHSTennis2017-6648
  • DHSTennis2017-6649
  • DHSTennis2017-6652
  • DHSTennis2017-6654
  • DHSTennis2017-6655
  • DHSTennis2017-6656
  • DHSTennis2017-6661
  • DHSTennis2017-6662
  • DHSTennis2017-6663
  • DHSTennis2017-6669
  • DHSTennis2017-6670
  • DHSTennis2017-6672
  • DHSTennis2017-6673
  • DHSTennis2017-6674
  • DHSTennis2017-6675
  • DHSTennis2017-6677
  • DHSTennis2017-6682
  • DHSTennis2017-6685
  • DHSTennis2017-6697

Junior Varsity Girls Rankings

Fall 2017

Junior Varsity Girls

1. Angie Sanchez
2. Aditi Acharaya
3. Leanna Wells
4. Madison Erwin
5. Maddie Ray
6. Tejaswi Thapa
7. Shambhavi Khanal
8. Justice Turner
9. Kristina Hansard
10. Carrington Chachere-Ross                                                                                                                                                                                                       11. Kimberly Gomez
12. Nia Quevedeo
13. McKenna Palacios




Junior Varsity Boys Rankings

Fall 2017

Junior Varsity Tennis Ladder

1. Kolt Bundy
2. Sam Taliaferro
3. Hudson Shuck
4. Matthew Ko
5. Sam Johnston
6. Adrian Cortes
7. Jack Alagood
8. John Ahn
9. Miguel Olguin
10.Emanuel Prado
11. Triston Ralphs
12. Thomas Gumienny
13. Kea’ven Russell
14. Wes Butler
15. Dawson Lucas-Hain
16. Armando De La Rosa
17. Hunter Wilcox
18. Vincent Steele
19. Parker Shuck
20. Gabe Gonzales
21. Josue Espinosa
22. Kilian Kern
23. Kidon Kida
24. John Shi
25. Brian Chan
26. Keith Hallman                                                                                                                                                                                                                           27. Benjamin Raab                                                                                                                                                                                                                          28. David Yussuf




Girls Varsity Tennis Ladder – August 19, 2017

Fall 2017

1.  Madi Gunn
2.  Jocelyn Guzman
3.  Zoe Hutton
4.  Gaby Doan
5.  Eva Perez
6.  Annie Mayfield
7.  Carrie Shi
8.  Sarah Whitworth